5 Kate Bush Songs To Listen To Next If You Loved Running Up That Hill

Max listens to Kate Bush in Stranger Things


Season Four of Stranger Things provided us with a rollercoaster ride of action and emotion. It is, in our view, the best installment in the series so far. One of the most stand out scenes, of course, featured Max – no spoilers – and was accompanied by an incredible song from British artist Kate Bush. Running Up That Hill has subsequently reached Number One in the UK charts! We must admit, we’ve had it on repeat here at Geek Soup HQ. 

Bush released the song way back in 1985. It was a single from her album, Hounds of Love. Funnily enough, cassette tapes of Hounds of Love have started to sell on eBay for big bucks, since we see the guys fumbling around with one onscreen. So if you have one laying around in your attic, it might be time to dig it out!

Not everyone was already familiar with Kate Bush’s work, however. What we’ve been hearing is that lots of younger viewers are being introduced to the singer’s back catalog through Running Up That Hill’s appearance in Stranger Things. It’s amazing that the show is having this effect, and that a new generation of music lovers is now discovering Kate Bush. 

As huge fans of Kate Bush, we thought we’d pull together 5 of our favourite Kate Bush songs so that newbies to her work can sample some more of her genius! 

1) Cloudbusting 

From the same album as Running Up That Hill, Cloudbusting is inspired by the true story of a man named Wilhelm Reich, who invented a machine that he claimed could create rain.

2) The Red Shoes

Hitting record shops in 1993, The Red Shoes is the titular single from the album of the same name, and is about a ballet dancer who puts on a pair of cursed shoes. 

3) Experiment IV

About an experiment to produce a sound capable of killing someone, the music video for this song is dotted with British legends, such as Hugh Laurie, Dawn French and Gary Oldman.

4) This Woman’s Work 

Featuring on the soundtrack for John Hughes’ 1988 film, She’s Having A Baby, This Woman’s Work was part of Bush’s 1989 album, The Sensual World. 

5) Hounds of Love

The titular track from the album that Running Up That Hill hails from, Hounds of Love is a Kate Bush classic and has featured in countless movies and TV shows.

There you have it – 5 Kate Bush songs you’ll probably love if you enjoyed Running Up That Hill.