15 Movie and TV Monopoly Sets to Fall Out with Your Friends Over

TV and Movie Monopoly Sets

Forcing players to drive their friends and family to bankruptcy since 1935, Monopoly has been a much-loved boardgame for over eight decades. Here are 15 awesome movie and TV-inspired Monopoly sets to sink your teeth into…

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1) Stranger Things Monopoly – Collector’s Edition

Stranger Things Collector's Edition Monopoly

Travel through Hawkins in this awesome Stranger Things edition, and buy up all the weird and wonderful locations from the show! We absolutely love this special Collector’s Edition! Don’t hide it away in the games cupboard – stick it on a shelf.

Get it here: Stranger Things Monopoly – Collector’s Edition, £42.99, Amazon.

2) Star Wars Monopoly

Star Wars Monopoly

Dominate the galaxy and build your own empire by owning all the properties on the board and parting your friends with their cash with this Star Wars edition.

Get it here: Star Wars Monopoly, £20.99, Amazon.

3) Ghostbusters Monopoly

Ghostbusters Monopoly

One of the coolest movie versions of the classic board game, this Ghostbusters edition lets you team up with other players to battle ghosts! Best of all, you take cards from the Ghost-trap-shaped dispenser, which also plays the theme song!

Get it here: Ghostbusters Monopoly, £29.99, Amazon

4) The Godfather

A board game you can’t refuse! In this take on the classic mobster movie, move around the board and purchase characters from the film – building your crime family, whilst collecting money and avoiding taxes!

Get it here: The Godfather Monopoly, £22.98, Amazon

5) Stephen King’s IT Monopoly

Lose yourself in Pennywise’s dark world in this board game inspired by Stephen King’s classic clown horror IT. Buy locations from around Derry, and chance your luck by picking up ‘Encounters’ and ‘Phenomena’ cards.

Get it here: Stephen King’s IT Monopoly, £36.99, Amazon

6) Avengers

Avengers Monopoly - Marvel gift ideas

Assemble a team of mighty heroes in this Marvel-ous twist on the classic board game franchise! Buy characters instead of properties, and build bases and headquarters instead of houses and hotels.

Get it here: Avengers Monopoly, £33.02, Amazon

7) The Mandalorian

The aim of the game is to keep The Child out of the hands of the Imperial enemies in this excellent Mandalorian-themed set. Play as one of four main characters from the show, each with their own special ability; but beware – there are also three Imperial characters, including the evil Moff Gideon. If one of the Imperial foes land on The Child, the game ends and you lose!

Get it here: The Mandalorian Monopoly, £35.17, Amazon

8) Game of Thrones

Dominate Westeros in this Game of Thrones styled takeover of the classic board game, which has been designed specifically for adults. It even comes with a little speakerbox that plays the theme tune. What more could you want?

Get it here: Game of Thrones Monopoly, £41.06, Amazon.

9) 007 Monopoly

007 Monopoly - James Bond Gift Ideas

Have endless fun with this James Bond themed version of the classic board game, in which you collect the movies instead of properties, and lose 200 each time you land on ‘Report to M.’

Get it here: 007 Monopoly, £34.99, Amazon

10) Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Monopoly

Fall out with your friends and family in style with this cool Rick and Morty edition! Buy your way around the multi-verse and make your buddies go bankrupt. One of our favourite Rick and Morty gift ideas.

Get it here: Rick and Morty Monopoly, £34.99, Amazon.

11) The Lord of the Rings Monopoly

The Lord of the Rings Monopoly

Collect locations from throughout Tolkein’s epic trilogy in this Lord of the Rings-inspired edition of the game. You can come into possession of the One Ring itself, but the longer have you it, the more dangerous it becomes, and beware when you roll the Eye of Sauron dice!

Get it here: The Lord of the Rings Monopoly, £32.95, Amazon

12) Supernatural

Supernatural Monopoly

Are you ready to join the hunt? Pick one of the Winchester brother icons and progress around the board – but instead of collecting properties, you’re collecting vampires, ghouls and monsters from the hit show!

Get it here: Supernatural Monopoly, £29.99, Amazon

13) Only Fools and Horses

Which piece will you choose? The cocktail class? Del’s flat cap? The famous market trader suitcase? Once you’ve decided, make your way around the board, collecting classic episodes from the series, and building council blocks.

Get it here: Only Fools and Horses Monopoly, £26,58, Amazon

14) Top Gun

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? Then this probably isn’t the game for you, it can take hours! But it’s a lot of fun. Make your way around the board, collecting characters from the hit Tom Cruise film, and picking up Training and Mission cards!

Get it here: Top Gun Monopoly, £20.39, Amazon

15) Spongebob Squarepants

We’re taking a trip to Bikini Bottom with this next suggestion, to hang out with some cartoon sea critters! Play as your favourite character and earn money on locations from the show!

Get it here: Spongebob Squarepants Monopoly, £26.98, Amazon

There you have it – 15 movie and TV Monopoly sets to put your friendships to the test this season!

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