14 Back to the Future Gift Ideas For Any Time Travel Fan

Back to the Future gift ideas

Great Scott! Whether you’re looking for Back to the Future gift ideas for your favourite fan, or whether you simply want to treat yourself, you’ll find plenty to choose from in this BTTF gift guide… 

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1) Playmobil DeLorean 

Back to the Future Delorean Playmobil

This amazing 64 piece set is perfect for any Back to the Future fan! There’s some fun to be had in assembling the car. Then, once you’ve stuck some batteries in, it lights up blue! The wheels can be flicked horizontal for flight mode. It also includes figures of Marty, Doc Brown and Einstein, along with a whole bunch of accessories including a hoverboard.

Get it here: Playmobil DeLorean, £32.99, Amazon

2) Doc with Helmet Funko Pop 

Doc Brown with Helmet Funko Pop Vinyl

Perfect for popping on a desk, shelf or bookcase, this awesome Funko Pop depicts Doc Brown with his iconic helmet from the first movie! 

Get it here: Doc with Helmet Funko Pop, £12.99, Amazon

3) Back to the Future: Back in Time Game

Lose yourself in Hill Valley with this fun cooperative adventure game from Funko! Play between 1885, 1955, 1985 and 2015 and race against time to stop Biff and his relatives from triggering ‘major events.’ It’s for 2-4 players over the age of 10, and play time is usually around 50 minutes. 

Get it here: Back to the Future: Back in Time Game, £31.66, Amazon

4) Back to the Future Sweatshirt

Back to the Future Grey Sweatshirt

We’re big fans of this retro styled grey Back to the Future Sweatshirt, with the film’s logo printed across it in pink! It’s available in a whole range of sizes. 

Get it here: Back to the Future Sweatshirt, £29.99, Amazon

5) Marty McFly Funko Pop 

Marty is ready to record Doc Brown’s latest experience in this great Funko Pop, which has Marty Holding the Doc’s video recorder in his famous red gilet. Stick it on display on a shelf or side table! 

Get it here: Marty McFly Funko Pop, £11.63, Amazon

6) Sports Almanac Notebook 

Grays Sports Almanac Notebook

The perfect place for a BTTF fan to scribble down notes, this Sports Almanac Notebook mimics the iconic McGuffin from Back to the Future Part II. 

Get it here: Sports Almanac Notebook, £5.40, Amazon

7) Mug with 80s Retro Sweets 

Back to the Future Mug and Sweets Gift

Sip in style from this awesome Back to the Future mug! It’s stuffed full with all our favourite retro sweets – including Drumsticks and Refreshers! 

Get it here: Mug with 80s Retro Sweets, £15.50, Amazon 

8) Outatime Wall Plaque 

Back to the Future Outatime License Plate Wall Plaque

Mimicking the DeLorean’s famous license plate, this metal wall plaque will make a great addition to any bedroom or geek room wall. There are four holes for easily nailing it in place. It measures 12×6 inches. 

Get it here: Outatime Wall Plaque, £14.99, Amazon

9) Hoverboard Bottle Opener 

Back to the Future Hoverboard Bottle Opener

Crack open your favourite beer in style with this amazing bottle opener, shaped like the famous 2015 hoverboard! Pass it around at parties, and hang it up in the kitchen for all to see. 

Get it here: Hoverboard Bottle Opener, £26.99, Amazon

10) DeLorean Canvas 

Back to the Future Delorean Canvas Wall Art

Brighten up any room in the house with this amazing piece of Back to the Future artwork. This 60x30cm canvas shows the Doc’s Delorean in three strips, showing off Hill Valley from each era in the background! 

Get it here: DeLorean Canvas, £19.99, Amazon

11) Biff Tannen Funko Pop

Biff Tannen Funko Pop VInyl

One of the most-loved movie villains of all time, Biff Tannen definitely deserves a place in any Back to the Future collection. This Funko Pop is ideal for sticking on display!

Get it here: Biff Tannen Funko Pop, £8.99, Amazon

12) Back to the Future Funkoverse Strategy Game

Funkoverse Back to the Future Strategy Game

Go head-to-head with your favourite butthead with this cool Funkoverse Strategy Game. You play with miniature Pop pieces of Marty and Doc Brown. There are two playable maps – the town square, and the Cafe 80s.

Get it here: Back to the Future Funkoverse Strategy Game, £16.08, Amazon

13) Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Playing Cards

Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Playing Cards

Pretend you’re playing poker at Biff’s casino with this awesome deck of playing cards. They’re backed with purple tiger stripes, and the royal cards feature Biff, Lorraine and Marty!

Get it here: Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Playing Cards, £11.99, Amazon

14) Blockbuster Jigsaw Puzzle

While away the hours with this cool Blockbuster-branded jigsaw puzzle! It comes in a VHS-styled case, and has 500 pieces, so it’s guaranteed to keep you busy for an hour or two, and will look great in a frame once finished.

Get it here: Back to the Future Jigsaw Puzzle, £5.99, Amazon

There you have it – our Back to the Future gift guide!