Black Widow: Trailer, Plot, Tony Stark and More


One of the most adored Avengers finally gets her own movie in this thrilling entry into the MCU! In Black Widow, Natasha must go back to the start and take down the forces that made her the elite killing machine we know and love…


This trailer gives us a glimpse of Natasha’s past, her allies, and the film’s villain: Taskmaster.

Release date

Although the film was pushed back due to the pandemic, we’re hopefully Marvel will stick to the new release date of May 7, 2021.

When is Black Widow set?

Avengers Endgame spoiler ahead! Given that the last time we saw Natasha was in that heartbreaking scene from Avengers Endgame, where she sacrifices herself in order for Hawkeye to receive the Soul Stone, it’ll be no surprise to you that Black Widow is set in the past!

Whilst we’ll probably see lots of flashback’s from Natasha’s training days, the bulk of the story is set after the events of Captain America Civil War, and before Avengers Infinity War.

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the 2021 MCU origin movie

What’s the plot?

In Russia, the sinister Red Room programme takes young women and trains and brainwashes them into being elite assassin; not too dissimilar to The Winter Soldier. ‘They’re manipulated; fully conscious but no choices.’

They brainwashed Natasha, her sister Yelena, and an army of other killer women, who will stop at nothing to bring Black Widow down! Natasha has to go back to the start and take down the leader of the Red Room, Taskmaster, before any more young women are hurt.

Is Tony Stark in Black Widow?

It’s rumoured that Robert Downey Jr is returning as Tony Stark in Black Widow. It would certainly make sense as far as the timeline is concerned – Stark would be alive and well during this time period. How big his role is, though, is completely unknown, and it probably wouldn’t be much more than a cameo. We’d certainly expect less Stark than in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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