Cobra Kai Season 3: Trailer, Terry Silver, Japan, S4 and More

Johnny Kreese and Daniel in Cobra Kai

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Cobra Kai never dies! Although the series started airing on Youtube Red back in 2018, it wasn’t until Netflix streamed Seasons 1 and 2 that the whole world woke up to Cobra Kai. Now, it’s one of the most talked-about series of the year, with a third series on the way! Here’s everything we know about season 3…

Season 3 Teaser Trailer

Netflix treated us to some awesome snippets from the upcoming season in this teaser trailer! Check it out below…

What’s the release date for Cobra Kai season 3? 

Netflix has announced that Cobra Kai Season 3 will land on January 8 2021. You’re not going to have to wait long after the New Year’s celebrations to sink your teeth into the next installment of this incredible series.

Is Terry Silver going to be in Cobra Kai season 3? 

Terry Silver tutors Daniel in Karate Kid Part 3
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Following Kreese’s arrival in the series at the end of Season One, a lot of die hard Karate Kid fans have pondered whether or not his sadistic, mega-wealthy former war buddy Terry Silver will appear. Well, we have some promising news! 

When questioned on twitter whether Silver would be joining the cast in the upcoming season, the show’s creator Hayden Schlossberg replied, ‘Trust that I love Terry Silver.’ 

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There’s also a lot of people backing a theory that Tory is the daughter of a legacy character. Feisty, tough, and not afraid to break the rules, it would certainly fit that she’s the off-spring of Silver.  

Michael Kove, who plays Kreese, posted a picture of him and Terry Silver in make-up, from the set of Karate Kid Part 3, with the caption, ‘maybe I’ll get to see my old war friend again soon.’ And in episode four of season two, Kreese tells Johnny, ‘One of my old war buddies offered me a job, but it felt like a hand-out.’ Could this be Terry Silver? We’ll have to wait and see!

What part will Ali play in the series? 

Ali Mills and Daniel Laruzzo in Karate Kid
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Ali Mills was the main love interest in the original Karate Kid movie, and the catalyst that started the feud between Johnny and Daniel. She’s been mentioned a few times throughout Cobra Kai. Daniel and Johnny pined over her during the bar scene. And, having familiarised himself with his very first smart phone, Johnny even mustered up the courage to drop her a message on Facebook. At the end of Season Two, after casting his phone into the sand and walking away, we see a friend request pop up from Ali. 

Ali and Johnny dance in Karate Kid
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But what role will she play in Season Three? Well, it was mentioned earlier in the series that she is a pediatric surgeon. And which main character is a youngster in need of surgery? Miguel. So, it’s quite probable that this will be her introduction into the series. Maybe Johnny will have to beg her to operate on the kid, in the same way that patients seek out Jack Shepherd’s awesome surgery skills in Lost flashbacks. Either way, we will eat our black belts if Ali doesn’t operate on Miguel. 

Daniel will return to Okinawa, Japan

Macchio confirmed in an interview that part of season 3 will involve Daniel learning more about the origins of Miyagi-Do Karate. This will involve him flying out to Okinawa Island in Japan. We last saw LaRusso visit the island in Karate Kid Part II. We wonder if Kumiko – Daniel’s love interest in the second movie – will still be living on the island.

Will Daniel and Johnny team up against Kreese’s Dojo? 

We saw some really sweet bonding moments between Daniel and Johnny in the first two seasons. On a couple of occasions, they got really close to burying the hatchet; both times, over alcohol. 

Johnny and Daniel fight in Cobra Kai
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The first time, they had a long heart-to-heart at the bar. This green shoot of friendship was spoiled by Johnny discovering that Daniel had been mentoring his son. The second time was the ‘double date,’ where the two couples ended up pulling their tables together. Again, Daniel and Johnny got on and cleared some things up. But the very next day, Daniel found his daughter in Johnny’s apartment, and the budding friendship went up in flames again. Bloody kids!

However, with Kreese now fully in charge of the Cobra Kai dojo, and with students such as Hawk baying for blood after Miguel’s injury, Daniel and Johnny’s kids are going to be up against some brutal rivals in Season Three. Particularly if Terry Silver comes back into the picture! Will Daniel and Johnny team up to get their own dojo ready for war? We certainly hope so. 

Season 4 confirmed

In case you were worrying that season 3 might be the show’s final bout, don’t! Netflix has announced that Cobra Kai season 4 is being made, so we’ll get to see the characters battle it out for a little while longer yet.

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