Dean Koontz: 5 Facts About the Author

Dean Koontz Facts

Selling more than 450 million copies of his books worldwide, and with a bibliography spanning five decades, Dean Koontz is one of the bestselling authors in history. Here are 5 facts about the author…

1) Koontz made a deal with his wife 

Koontz was very keen to become a successful author, but felt that he didn’t have the free time required to focus on writing. So he struck a deal with his wife. She agreed to support him financially for five years so that he could write, and try to strike it lucky. If his writing didn’t take off after five years, he’d cut his losses and return to work. Amazingly, Koontz got published, and the rest was history. 

2) Koontz wrote an episode of CHiPs

Focusing on two California Highway Patrol officers, CHiPs was a hugely popular TV show in the late 70s and early 80s. What you may not know is that an episode was actually penned by Dean Koontz! The episode was called Counterfeit. However, the producers changed his script so much, that he insisted a pseudonym was used instead of his own. 

3) Koontz rewrote his first successful novel 

Although his first novel, Star Quest, was published in 1968, Koontz didn’t score a bestseller until 1973’s Demon Seed. Years later, in 1997, Koontz rewrote the novel from a different point of view, whilst keeping the same plot. 

4) Koontz first got into print in 1965 

Koontz sent short stories off to various different magazines and in 1965, Shippenburg University published his story The Fence in their magazine, The Reflector. Since then, Koontx has had over 70 more short stories put into print. 

5) 14 number one hardcovers 

All authors strive to reach the number one spot in the coveted New York Bestsellers list. Amazingly, Dean Koontz has reached the top spot with his hardcover novels not once, not twice, but fourteen times! He’s one of very few authors to achieve that many number ones. 

There you have – 5 facts about Dean Koontz. 

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