Dr. No Quiz: How well do you remember Sean Connery’s first 007 movie?

Dr No Quiz - test your 007 knowledge


We’ve been expecting you, Mr Bond! It’s been six decades since we first saw Sean Connery waltz into a casino as James Bond. Dr. No hit cinemas in 1962, and if you’re a 007 fan, you’ve probably watched it dozens of times. But how well do you remember it?

We’ve put together a Dr. No quiz to separate the James Bond fans from the hapless Goodknights.

Let’s see how you do…

Take our Dr. No quiz

Dr No Quiz - test your 007 knowledge

Dr No

How well do you know this 1962 spy caper?

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What children’s nursery rhyme is being sung at the start of the film?

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Complete the quote: ‘That’s a Smith and Wesson and you’ve had your ___’

3 / 10

What is Strangways’ radio ID?

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How does Quarrell meet his end?

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Who is Bond’s love interest at the start of the film?

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What game is Bond playing at the start of the film?

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Complete the quote: That's a Dom Perignon '55. It would be a pity to ______.

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What does Bond’s driver use to commit suicide?

9 / 10

How does Dr No die?

10 / 10

Complete the quote: 'World domination. The same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they're ________.'

How did you do?

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Now you’ve tested your knowledge of the 1962 spy caper, why not delve behind the scenes?

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