11 Game of Thrones Gift Ideas for your Favourite GOT Fan

Game of Thrones is one of the most-loved series in TV history, and we all know a mega fan of the show. When it comes to buying the GOT-lover in your life a birthday or Christmas present, we’ve put together this ultimate Game of Thrones gift guide. Check out these Game of Thrones gift ideas…

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1) Tyrion USB Flash Drive

Tyrion USB Stick - Game of Thrones Gift Ideas

The GOT fan in your life can transport important files on their favourite Hand of the King with this awesome 16GB Tyrion Lannister USB flash drive!

Get it here: 16GB USB Flash Drive, £14.73, Amazon

2) Mega Construx Iron Throne 

Game of Thrones Mega Construx Set

If your GOT-loving friend likes construction sets, this Mega Construx set is a must-buy! This 260 piece set allows you to create the famous Iron Throne, and display it on a shelf or book case. 

Get it here: Mega Construx Iron Throne, £13.33, Amazon

3) Replica Dragons Egg

Replica Dragon Egg

An official prop replica of Drogon’s egg, this hand-painted display piece is the perfect gift for any fan of Daenerys, the mother of dragons, and it has its own stand – ideal for sitting on a shelf or bookcase.

Get it here: Prop Replica Dragon Egg, £42, Amazon

4) Game of Thrones Monopoly

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Dominate Westeros in this Game of Thrones styled takeover of Monopoly, which has been designed specifically for adults. It even comes with a little speakerbox that plays the theme tune. What more could you want?

Get it here: Game of Thrones Monopoly, £41.06, Amazon.

5) Winter is Coming Goblet

Winter is Coming House Stark Goblet

Your favorite GOT fan can glug the beverage of their choice in style with this intricately detailed Winter is Coming goblet! It’s made from resin, with a stainless steel insert.

Get it here: Winter is Coming Goblet, £28.97, Amazon

6) Hodor Funko Pop

Hodor Holding the Door Funko Pop Vinyl

One of the series’ most heartbreaking scenes comes when Hodor sacrifices himself to hold the door, whilst Wights claw at him through the wood. This epic Funko Pop captures the moment!

Get it here: Hodor Funko Pop, £19.03

7) Games of Thrones Gift Ideas – Risk

Game of Thrones Risk - The Game of Strategic Conquest

Challenge them to a game of strategic conquest with this awesome Game of Thrones-themed Risk board game, which allows you to conquer the different lands of Westeros.

Get it here: Game of Thrones Risk, £34.95, Amazon

8) Daenerys riding Drogon Funko Pop

Daenerys riding Drogon Funko pop vinyl

Daenerys and her largest dragon, Drogon, are up to mischief in this incredible Funko Pop set! Khaleesi is riding her dragon whilst he spits fire.

Get it here: Daenerys Riding Drogon Funko Pop, £18.37, Amazon

9) White Walker Scotch Whisky

White Walker Johnnie Waler Scotch Whisky

The master distillers at Johnnie Walker have produced this stunning, officially-licensed White Walker Scotch Whisky! It’ll look perfect on any drinks trolley, and it tastes great.

Get it here: White Walker Scotch Whisky, £40, Amazon

10) Mega Construx Drogon Egg

Game of Thrones Drogon Mega Construx Dragon Set

This cool egg cracks open to reveal a 30 piece set inside, which assembles into Khaleesi’s largest and meanest dragon, Drogon.

Get it here: Mega Construx Drogon Egg, £11.99, Amazon

11) Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game

Game of Thrones Trivia Game

Let your GOT fan put their knowledge of the show to the test with this Game of Thrones trivia. There are 1200 questions about the series! Answer questions correctly to complete the Iron Throne and win the game.

Get it here: Game of Thrones Trivia Game, £36.49, Amazon

There you have it – some Game of Thrones gift ideas to treat yourself, or the GOT fan in your life!

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