10 Geeky-Licious Black Friday Deals from Amazon

Black Friday is the ultimate time to grab some bargains before Christmas! We’ve looked through Amazon to find you the best Black Friday deals on geeky stuff…

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1) Star Wars D-O LEGO for £49.99 (23% off) – Our Favourite of the Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals - LEGO D-O from Stars Wars Rise of Skywalker

Make your very own anxious droid from The Rise of Skywalker with this awesome LEGO set! With 519 pieces, it’s the perfect way to pass a couple of hours, and looks incredible on display.

Get it here: Star Wars D-O LEGO, £49.99, Amazon

2) Harley Quinn Funko Pop Double Pack for £17.99 (22% off)

Bring the crazy, colourful and lovable Harley Quinn into your home with this awesome double pack of Funko Pops! Harley comes in two different outfits, and even has her stuffed beaver with her!

Get it here: Harley Quinn Funko Pop Double Pack, £17.99, Amazon

3) Monopoly Arcade for £19.49 (44% off)

Love Pac-Man? Love Monopoly? You’ll love this awesome crossover edition, where you play the arcade game every time you pass go.

Get it here: Monopoly Arcade, £19.49, Amazon

4) Retro Sweets Gift Box for £9.59 (13% off)

This Yummy Box of Retro Sweets Is The Perfect Gift

Containing 47 iconic childhood sweets, this Retro Sweets Gift Box is the perfect present for any candy lover! It includes classics such as Double Dip, White Mice, Sherbert Fountain, Refreshers, and more!

Get it here: Retro Sweets Gift Box, £9.59, Amazon

5) Tetris Dual for £22.79 (9% off)

Tetris Dual Boardgame For 2 Players

In this twist on the classic video game, go head to head with a friend as you slot plastic Tetris shapes into a connect-4-styled frame. Gain points for matching colours, and lose points for leaving gaps!

Get it here: Tetris Dual, £22.79, Amazon

6) Trivial Pursuit Stranger Things for £14.99 (29% off)

Test your 80s trivia with this awesome Stranger Things edition of the classic trivia boardgame, which has a cool Upside-Down section.

Get it here: Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit, £14.99, Amazon

7) LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter for £44.97 (25% off)

Black Friday Deals - Save on This LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing Resistance Fighter

Re-live The Rise of Skywalker with this fabulous 578-piece LEGO set! Have fun building this Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter, and then put it on display for your friends and family to admire.

Get it here: LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter, £50.99, Amazon

8) Jenga

If you don’t own this classic guide of pulling-out and piling-up wooden blocks, then it’s high time you added it to your games cupboard!

Get it here: Jenga, £8.99, Amazon

9) The Beatles LEGO Art for £77.99 (32% off)

LEGO Art The Beatles
Paul McCartney Artwork

Arguably the most celebrated band in history, The Beatles were an obvious choice when it came to creating a music-inspired set. Choose which of the four Beatles you want to build.

Get it here: LEGO Art The Beatles, £105.99, Amazon

10) Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe for £77.99 (32% off)

Warhol Marylin Monroe Artwork Set
Marilyn Monroe Warhol LEGO Art

Brighten up your home with the master of pop art’s take on Marilyn Monroe. You can create this piece of art in four striking colourways!

Get it here: LEGO Art Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, £77.95, Amazon

Those were our favourite Black Friday deals from Amazon!

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