Ghostbusters II: 9 Amazing Pieces of Trivia

Ghostbusters II Painting

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1989 saw the world’s favourite supernatural-ass-kickers return to the silver screen in Ghostbusters II! After destroying half of New York in the first film, the Ghostbusters have disbanded. But when a sinister paranormal-charged ooze starts appearing all over the city, they are forced to spring back into action. 

Here are 9 awesome pieces of Ghostbusters II trivia…

1) Slimer’s popularity in the cartoon won him a place in Ghostbusters II

When the first film was being made, the lovable green ghoul didn’t actually have a name, and was mostly referred to as ‘onionhead’ by the crew. It wasn’t until his regular appearances in the cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters, that he was given the name Slimer. He was such a hit with kids that the writers made sure to include him in the sequel. 

2) Vigo’s voice was dubbed over 

Vigo the Carpathian, the villain’s main villain, was pretty terrifying! He was played by German actor Wilhelm von Homburg onscreen. However, his lines were dubbed over by legendary actor Max Von Sydow. Homburg didn’t realise this until he watched the film at the premiere, and he stormed out of the event. 

3) Jason Reitman appears in the film 

At the birthday party Ray and Winston attend, one of the kids is actually played by Jason Reitman – son of the film’s director, Ivan Reitman. Now, all grown up, Jason is actually directing the new installment in the story; Ghostbusters: Afterlife. 

Ghostbuster II arrive in museum
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4) The Titanic’s true destination 

Over the radio, a police officer hears that the Titanic is arriving at Pier 34. This was actually the ship’s destination in real life! 

5) The cartoon changed Janine’s appearance in Ghostbusters II 

Ever notice the difference between receptionist Janine’s appearance between the first movie and the second? Her hair is more reddish in colour, and styled into a bob, whilst her glasses have become thick and black. This was to match her look in the cartoon. 

6) Oscar was played by the twin nephews of John Denver 

Dana’s baby, Oscar, was played by twin boys named William and Henry Deutschendorf. They were the twin nephews of legendary country singer John Denver, and have only appeared in this one movie. Henry sadly took his own life in 2017. 

7) The cartoon’s audience made the writers tone down on the adult humour

The first film, which hit cinemas in 1984, was full of adult humour and innuendos. The resulting cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters, gathered such a huge following of youngsters, that when it came to writing the script for Ghostbusters II, Reitman, Akroyd and Ramis realised they really needed to tone down the adult references for the sequel, since it would attract such a huge audience of kids. 

8) One of Ivan Reitman’s first movies is showing in the cinema

During one scene, cinema goers burst out of the theatre. If you’re eagle-eyed, you’ll spot that Cannibal Girls was showing at the time. Released in 1973, it’s one of the first films Ivan Reitman directed! 

9) The Ghostbusters front pages hang in Peter’s apartment 

In the original Ghostbusters, after busting Slimer in the hotel, there’s a media frenzy montage where we see the front pages of newspapers and magazines, featuring the Ghostbusters’ latest escapades! We see these pages framed and hanging on the walls of Peter’s apartments in Ghostbusters II. 

Ghostbusters II trailer

 There you have it – 9 amazing pieces of Ghostbusters II trivia!