12 Gift Ideas for A Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul Fan

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul certainly leave a lasting impression. Whether you know someone that loves these shows, or whether you simply want to treat yourself, you’ll find lots of goodies from Vince Gilligan’s criminal world here in this Breaking Bad gift guide…

1) Los Pollos Hermanos Construction Set

One of the coolest construction sets we’ve ever seen, this unofficial 388-piece set is the perfect build for any Breaking Bad fan, and it looks incredible on display!

Piece together the frontage and forecourt of Gustavo Fring’s famous chicken shop, and then construct the booths and counter inside!

Get it here: Los Pollos Hermanos Construction Set, £29.28, Amazon

2) Wisenberg Quiz Book

Perfect for testing their knowledge of the show, the BrBa fan in your life will love this Wisenberg Quiz Book! There are 15 general knowledges rounds and 10 specific-topic rounds, with 400 questions in total.

Get it here: Wisenberg Quiz Book, £4.99, Amazon

3) Scientific Measuring Whisky Glasses

You can pretend you’re sipping Scotch in the RV with these whisky glasses, which are styled after scientific measuring beakers!

Get it here: Scientific Measuring Whisky Glasses, £32.90, Amazon

4) Walter White ReAction Figure

ReAction make amazing vintage-styled action figures of TV shows and movies new and old. This figure shows Walter White in his tighty-whities!

Get it here: Walter White ReAction Figure

5) Breaking Bad Colouring Book

There’s nothing more relaxing than doing a bit of colouring in with a pack of Crayolas. This 80-page Breaking Bad colouring page has dozens of memorable scenes from the series to colour in, with lots of dot-to-dots, trivia and anecdotes thrown in!

Get it here: Breaking Bad Colouring Book, £7.99, Amazon

6) Jesse Pinkman Plush

This Jesse Pinkamn plush toy is the perfect gift for any fan of Cap’n Cook! He stands 20cm, and is perfect for standing up on a shelf.

Get it here: Jesse Pinkman Plush, £6.99, Amazon

7) Los Pollos Hermanos Mug

Perfect for sipping coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, this ceramic Los Pollos Hermanos Mug is dishwasher and microwave friendly!

Get it here: Los Pollos Hermanos Mug, £7.99, Amazon

8) Saul Goodman Funko Pop

It wouldn’t be a Geek Soup gift guide without a Funko Pop! This Saul Goodman figure is perfect for putting on display! Keep it boxed to stack it up with your other Pops.

Get it here: Saul Goodman Funko Pop, £19.99, Amazon

9) Breaking Bad Shirt

This awesome shirt is full of symbols from the show – from measuring beakers to broken plates. It’s the perfect way to show off one’s love of the show.

Get it here: Breaking Bad Shirt, £17.99, Amazon

10) Better Call Saul Minifigure and Desk

Better Call Saul Minifigure

If you know someone who loves Saul, this unofficial minifigure is the perfect gift, and it even comes with Saul’s desk, lamp, and some money!

Get it here: Better Call Saul Minifigure, £14.99, Amazon

11) Breaking Bad Top Trumps

Pitch Breaking Bad’s characters against one another in this classic card game, where you aim to take all the cards from the other players. Battle it out in the categories of Brains, Family Values, Influence, Temper and Bad.

Get it here: Breaking Bad Top Trumps, £14.99, Amazon

12) Better Call Saul Mug

Perfect for sipping the hot beverage of your choice, this ceramic Better Call Saul mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and sports the ad for Saul’s services!

Get it here: Better Call Saul Mug, £7.99, Amazon