Home Alone Quiz: How well do you know this Macaulay Culkin classic?

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Home Alone has been on the yearly must-watch-at-Christmas-list since its release in 1990. If you’re like us, you’ve probably watched it dozens of times! But how well do you remember it?

To separate the fans from the novices, we’ve pulled together the ultimate Home Alone quiz!

Let’s see how you do…

Kevin McCallister sets a trap in Home Alone

Home Alone

How well do you know this 1990 boobytrap-packed Christmas comedy?

1 / 10

How many paint cans does Kevin swing down the stairs in total?

2 / 10

What day do Harry and Marv break into the boobytrapped Macallister house?

3 / 10

What style of music does John Candy and his band specialise in?

4 / 10

What does Buzz call their elderly neighbour?

5 / 10

Which of these is not a sibling of Kevin?

6 / 10

When Kevin gets spooked in the store, what does he accidentally steal when he runs out?

7 / 10

What’s the name of the old black and white film Kevin puts on?

8 / 10

Where does Kevin’s family go on vacation?

9 / 10

How old is Kevin in the film?

10 / 10

What’s Kevin’s favourite pizza?

How did you do?

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