Jackass Forever: Trivia, Trailer & More

Jackass Forever

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Eleven years since their last film together, the Jackass team has assembled for a fourth outing – Jackass Forever! In what’s billed to be their final movie, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and most of the original cast return to the antics we know and love! From covering their friends in honey and salmon and letting a bear eat it off, to launching themselves through the ceilings of furniture shops! 

Jackass Forever release date

Jackass Forever will hit cinemas on October 22nd 2021, with no plan for it to hit any streaming services or online video platforms. You’ll have to venture out to your local big screen to catch the chaos! 

Jackass Forever trailer

Who are the guest stars in Jackass Forever? 

It wouldn’t be a Jackass movie without some awesome celebrity guest stars! From what we can see so far, there seem to be some great guest stars lined up for Jackass Forever including basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal alongside celebrated rappers Post Malone and Tyler the Creator. Tony Hawk will also be appearing alongside the boys once again. 

Why isn’t Bam Margera in Jackass Forever?

We’re unlikely to see Bam appear in the movie. Although he was originally onboard with the rest of the cast, Bam left the movie in February 2021. In a statement to fans, he claimed he was fired for breaching his contract. There were said to have been some personal issues affecting Bam’s work, and the director ended up taking out a restraining order against Bam. Any scenes that they did film with Bam are very unlikely to make it into the finished cut. 

Jackass Forever trivia 

We’ve pulled together some surprising facts about Jackass Forever! Enjoy these 5 pieces of trivia… 

1) Hospitalised on day 2 

Jackass movies usually entail a trip or two to the local hospital – but that didn’t take long at all whilst filming Jackass Forever. On the second day of filming the movie, whilst doing a stunt on a high speed treadmill whilst dressed as a marching band, both Knoxville and Steve-O got seriously hurt, and were taken to the emergency room. 

2) Jeff Tremaine took out a restraining order against Bam Margera

After Paramount Pictures removed Bam Margera from the film for ‘breaking his contract’ with his personal behaviour, he’s alleged to have made threats towards the director, Jeff Tremaine. To be on the safe side, Tremaine took out a restraining order again Bam. 

3) ‘This one hurt the most’

Wee-Man, or Jason Acuna to give him his real name, is one of fans’ most-loved cast members, and has been involved in some of the craziest Jackass stunts throughout his history with the group. But when talking about Jackass Forever, he said, ‘this one hurt the most.’ 

4) They got Bam with snakes on day one

Although Bam left the film quite early on, that doesn’t mean the cast didn’t get to torture him over his fear of snakes. On the very first day of filming, they put Bam in a dark room and threw snakes at him. We’d be pretty ticked off, too! 

5) Knoxville got a brain hemorrhage 

Whilst performing a stunt with a bull for Jackass Forever, Knoxville got hit so hard, he spun one and a half rotations in mid air and landed on his head! It was such an impact, that the hospital told him he’d actually suffered a brain hemorrhage. 

6) Jeff Tremaine wondered whether anyone would watch the movie 

Jeff Tremaine sat in the director’s chair once again for Jackass Forever, having directed the original movie, Jackass Number Two, Jackass 3D, and even the 2013 spin off movie Bad Grandpa, which saw Knoxville play a disgraceful senior citizen in a Borat-styled public reaction format. When it came to making a fourth film, Tremaine said, ‘do people want to see a bunch of middle-aged dudes kick each other in the dicks?’ Of course we do, Jeff! Of course we do. 

Will you be seeing the film when it hits cinemas on October 22nd?