12 Jurassic Park Gift Ideas For The Dino Fan In Your Life

Jurassic Park gift ideas

Treat the dino fan in your life with this incredible list of Jurassic Park gift ideas! From shirts and lamps through to Funko Pops and fun games to play, you’ll find lots of great presents in this gift guide…

1) Clever Girl T-Shirt

Rock the most quoted line from the franchise with this fantastic t-shirt, sporting a velociraptor! Choose from a huge range of sizes in men, women and children’s fits. 

Get it here: Jurassic Park T-Shirt, £19.99, Amazon

2) Funkoverse Jurassic Park Strategy Game

Funko Jurassic Park Strategy Game

Switch between two playable maps with this amazing strategy game from Funko, which comes with four awesome figurines: Dr Alan Grant, Dr Ellie Sattler, Ray Arnold and a velociraptor! 

Get it here: Funko Jurassic Park Strategy Game, £17.98, Amazon

3) Jurassic Park Hoodie 

Your giftee can stay nice and toasty whilst they watch their favourite dino flicks by slipping into this Jurassic Park hoodie.

Get it here: Jurassic Park Hoodie, Zavvi, £29.99

4) RC Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler

Ever wanted to get behind one of the park’s Jeeps? Well, this is the next best thing! Whizz this awesome remote controlled model of a Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler around your home. 

Get it here: RC Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler, £38.00, Amazon

5) Jurassic Park Mug

Sip your favourite hot drink in style with this ceramic Jurassic Park mug. You can be reminded of your love for the movie from your morning coffee to your evening cocoa.

Get it here: Jurassic Park Mug, £7.99, Zavvi

6) Raptor Claw Bottle Opener 

Raptor Claw Bottle Opener

Bust open your beer bottles like a badass with this awesome raptor claw bottle opener! Styled like the claw that Dr Alan Grant carries around in his pocket, it’s perfect for handing around at parties or day-to-day use! 

Get it here: Raptor Claw Bottle Opener, £9.99, Amazon

7) Jurassic Park Metal Bottle 

Jurassic Park water bottle

This 500ml metal bottle will keep any beverage nice and cool. It’s perfect for stashing in a bag, backpack, or in your car cup holder!

Get it here: Jurassic Park Water Bottle, £17.99, Zavvi

8) Jurassic Park chess set 

Jurassic Park Chess Set

Perfect for releasing your inner Queen’s Gambit, this incredibly detailed chess set is the perfect coffee table edition for any fan of the franchise! Battle it out between T-rexs, Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurs, Velociraptors, Brachiosaurs and Pteranodons. 

Get it here: Jurassic Park Chess Set, £45.00, Amazon

9) Jurassic Park Table Lamp 

Jurassic Park Table Lamp

Brighten up your desk space or bedroom with this fantastic little light-up sign. It gives a nice glow, and measures 25x21cm, 

Get it here: Jurassic Park Table Lamp, £21.00, Amazon

10) LEGO Jurassic Park Visitor Centre

One of the most iconic scenes in Jurassic Park comes at the end, where the T Rex has torn into the visitor centre and finished off the velociraptors. Re-enact it with this perfect 693-piece LEGO set. 

Get it here: LEGO Jurassic Park Visitor Centre, £99.99, Amazon 

11) Jurassic Park Mosquito Snow Globe

Perfectly mimicking the amber head of John Hammond’s cane, this snow globe is the perfect desk decoration for any Jurassic Park fan.

Get it here: Jurassic Park Mosquito Snow Globe, £13.99, Truffle Shuffle

12) Jurassic World Welcome Mat

Stash away your cards and cash in this fabulous wallet, with a distressed Jurassic World logo on the face!

Get it here: Jurassic Park Welcome Mat, £10.00, Zavvi

There you have it – some Jurassic Park gift ideas the dino fan in your life will love!

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