Knives Out Quiz: How Well Do you Know This Daniel Craig Murder Mystery?

Knives Out Quiz - Test your knowledge


One of the best murder mystery movies in years, Knives Out definitely makes a lasting impression on its audience. But how well do you remember this Daniel Craig mystery?

To help separate the fans from the novices, we’ve put together a Knives Out quiz that Harlan Thrombey would be proud of!

Let’s see how you do…

Knives Out - Daniel Craig and Ana De Armas

Knives Out

How well do you know this fantastic 2019 murder mystery?

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Who finds Harlan dead in his room?

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What does Benoit Blanc say was his father’s profession?

3 / 8

Who says, ‘I find it quite pleasant to sit here with you.’

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What is Harlan’s usual dosage of morphine?

5 / 8

What birthday is Harlan celebrating at the party where he later dies?

6 / 8

Which Roxy Music song does Joni dance to?

7 / 8

What make of car does Ransom drive?

8 / 8

The Thrombey family each say that Marta is from a different South American country. Which of these is never mentioned?

How did you do?

Please feel free to send our Knives Out quiz to your friends and family to see how they can beat your score, or whether you’ll be crowned the superior Knives Out geek!

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