LEGO Art: Warhol, Siths, Iron Man and The Beatles

LEGO has been bringing joy to the masses since 1932 with its infinite library of brick building sets. But we are absolutely in love their their stress-busting new venture: LEGO Art.

What is LEGO Art?

An extremely relaxing and therapeutic way of passing a few hours, LEGO Art allows you to create a mosaic of a movie character, musician or even a famous artwork! Simply follow the step by step instructions and click the little circular coloured pieces onto the board.

It’s even more soothing than colouring pencils, and it gives you an awesome piece of artwork that you can put on display on the wall or a shelf to impress your friends and family!

What sets are available?

Here are the 4 sets that you can get so far…

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1) The Sith

Star Wars The Sith LEGO Art Set
Star Wars Darth Maul LEGO Art

Join the dark side with this Star Wars themed set. Choose to create either Darth Vader, Darth Maul, or Kylo Ren! The finished piece measures 40x40cm.

Get it here: Lego Art The Sith, £95.99, Amazon.

2) Iron Man

Marvel Iron Man LEGO Art
Iron Man Artwork

Piece together Marvel’s main man with this awesome 3167-piece Iron Man set! Choose between creating Mark I and Mark II Iron Man, or the Hulkbuster! The finished piece measures 40x40cm.

Get it here: LEGO Art Iron Man, £102.83, Amazon

3) The Beatles

LEGO Art The Beatles
Paul McCartney Artwork

Arguably the most celebrated band in history, The Beatles were an obvious choice when it came to creating a music-inspired set. Choose which of the four Beatles you want to build.

Get it here: LEGO Art The Beatles, £105.99, Amazon

4) Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe

Warhol Marylin Monroe Artwork Set
Marilyn Monroe Warhol LEGO Art

Brighten up your home with the master of pop art’s take on Marilyn Monroe. You can create this piece of art in four striking colourways!

Get it here: LEGO Art Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, £107.95, Amazon

That concludes our introduction to LEGO Art! We hope you love the idea as much as we do and if you do build any sets, be sure to show us over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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