8 Minecraft Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Minecrafter

Minecraft gift ideas

To this day, Minecraft remains one of the most-played video games in history, so lots of us know someone who is obsessed with it! If you’re looking for birthday or Christmas gift ideas for the Minecraft fan in your life, then we’ve put together this Minecraft gift guide…

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1) Minecraft Uno

Fancy getting away from the screen for a bit? Uno has been a family-favourite card game since the 1970s! In this awesome deck, the game has been given a Minecraft makeover!

Get it here: Minecraft Uno, £6.99, Amazon

2) Minecraft LEGO Set

This 248-piece set is the perfect way to while away an hour or two of relaxing construction time. It’s fun to play with – with moving functions like falling blocks – plus it looks great on display.

Get it here: Minecraft LEGO Set, £17.99, Amazon

3) Minecraft Hoodie

For youngsters only, this very cool Minecraft Hoodie comes in Years 5-12! Stylish and colourful, it’s the perfect way for the young Minecrafter to show off their love for the game.

Get it here: Minecraft Hoodie, £19.99, Amazon

4) Minecraft Stationary Set

Whether your Minecraft-loving pal loves to draw or write, this 12-piece Minecraft Stationary Set is the perfect gift. It contains colouring pencils, a pen, a ruler, a rubber, a pencil sharpener, a notepad and a pencil case.

Get it here: Minecraft Stationary Set, £13.79, Amazon

5) Minecraft Cap

Another funky piece of kids-only apparel, this awesome Minecraft Cap has the Creeper stitched into it, and is suitable for youngsters aged 3-12.

Get it here: Minecraft Cap, £13.99, Amazon

6) Minecraft Steve Funko Pop Vinyl

It wouldn’t be a Geek Soup gift guide without a Funko Pop! They’re perfect for putting on display, and the boxes stack beautifully if you’re collecting a few!

Get it here: Minecraft Steve Funko Pop Vinyl, £24.99, Amazon

7) How to Draw for Minecrafters

Your favourite Minecrafter can recreate their favourite characters using this handy How to Draw for Minecrafters guide!

Get it here: How to Draw for Minecrafters, £6.99, Amazon

8) Minecraft Creeper Light

Perfect for lighting up a room, desk, shelf or bookcase, this Minecraft Creeper Light makes for a perfect night light, or just an awesome decoration.

Get it here: Minecraft Creeper Light, £11.99, Amazon