10 Pac-Man Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Retro Gamer

Pac-Man gift ideas

Pac-Man has been adored by fans since the first cabinet hit arcades back in 1980! If you know a fan of the hungry little fellow, or if you’re simply looking to treat yourself, then check out these awesome Pac-Man gift ideas…

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1) Pac-Man Arcade in a Tin

Pac-Man arcade game in a tin

A classic video game, Pac-Man has provided hours of fun for the whole family since 1980. This fabulous miniature arcade game comes in a smart snap-shut tin!

Get it here: Pac-Man Arcade in a Tin, £24.99, Zavvi.

2) Pac-Man Thermal Flask

Your friend can keep their drink scorching hot or icy cold with this awesome Pac-Man flask. It has a 450ml capacity and has a thermometer with a temperature display built into the lid!

Get it here: Pac-Man Thermal Flask, £18.99, The Truffle Shuffle

3) Pac-Man Game Over T-Shirt

Show off your love of Pac-Man everywhere you go with this awesome Game Over t-shirt, which is set out like a tic tac toe grid! Available in sizes small through to extra extra large.

Get it here: Pac-Man T-Shirt, £14.99, Amazon

4) Pac-Man Monopoly Arcade

Pacman Monopoly Arcade

Have you always dreamt of having a Monopoly and Pac-Man mash-up? No? Well, they made one anyway, and it’s pretty fun. Instead of properties, you buy levels, and instead of dealing with money, you deal with points, which are all totalled up inside the miniature arcade machine that comes with the board. Each time you pass go, you get 15 seconds to play on the arcade machine to score as many points as you can.

Get it here: Pac-Man Monopoly Arcade, £20.99, Amazon

5) Pac-Man Lamp

Pacman Lamp with adjustable brightness and 12 sound effects

Perfect for a shelf, des or bedside table, this Pac-Man Lamp makes for an ideal feature, conversation starter, or night light! It comes with a remote so you can adjust the brightness up and down from across the room, and you can trigger 12 sound effects from the video game.

Get it here: Pac-Man Lamp, £24.99, Amazon

6) Pac-Man Game Over Slippers

Your giftee can keep their feet toasty and warm in these soft Game Over Pac-Man slippers!

Get it here: Pac-Man Game Over Slippers, Amazon, £16.99

7) Pac-Man Game Keyring

Take the fun of Pac-Man with you wherever you go with this keyring version of the game. Just clip it onto your keys, stuff it in your pocket, and bust it out when you’re on the train or relaxing on your lunch break. Instant Pacman action!

Get it here: Pac-Man Game Keyring, £15.29, Amazon

8) Pac-Man Card Game

A brand new way to play, this fun card adaptation of Pac-Man is easy to learn, addictive, and takes 5-15 minutes per game! It can be played by between 2 and 8 players.

Get it here: Pac-Man Card Game, £9.85, Amazon

9) Colour-Changing Ghost Light

Brighten up any room with this snazzy ghost light! It can change to 16 different colours, and there’s even a party mode where it can react to music.

Get it here: Pac Man Ghost Light, £24.99, Amazon

10) NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition - 50 Awesome Gift Ideas

This awesome little system from Nintendo has Pac-Man pre-loaded onto it! Relive all those treasured childhood memories. Also pre-loaded onto the machine are Super Mario Bros., Mega Man 2, and Gradius! Play them all in HD. You can even set 4 save points for each game, so you don’t have to start from the beginning each time like in the old days.

Get it here: NES Classic Edition, £199.00, Amazon

There you have it – 10 Pac-Man gift ideas for the Pac-Man lover in your life! If you didn’t see anything suitable, check our out other gift ideas.

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