Pulp Fiction Quiz: How Well Do You Know This Tarantino Classic?


Tarantino’s crime classic Pulp Fiction hit cinemas back in 1993, and brought together the talent of Samuel L Jackson, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhymes, Uma Thurman and many more! But how well do you know the film?

To separate the Pulp Fiction superfans from the Pulp Fiction novices, we’ve pulled together this Pulp Fiction quiz.

Answer these questions about the film, and we’ll see how well you do…

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Jules and Vincent in Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

How well do you know this 1994 classic?

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What is the first name of Mr Wolfe?

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What tasty beverage is Brett drinking from the Big Kahuna Burger?

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What colour is the little medical book Lance tell his girlfriend to find after Mia is brought to his house?

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How long did Butch’s dad keep the watch stuffed up his ass?

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In the story Pumpkin tells Honeybunny, what does somebody rob a store with?

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What type of pancakes does Vivienne want for breakfast?

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Having hidden it up his ass, who delivers a watch to a young Butch?

8 / 9

What name is written on Zed’s motorcycle?

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What was the name of Mia Wallace’s character in Fox Force Five?

How did you do?

Share our Pulp Fiction quiz with your friends and family and see if they can do better, or whether you’re the undefeated Pulp Fiction geek.

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