10 Stranger Things Gift Ideas Fresh from the Upside Down

Stranger Things Gift Ideas

Know a fan of Eleven and her friends? They’ll love anything from this ultimate list of Stranger Things gift ideas…

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1) Thinking Cap Dustin Funko Pop

We loved Dustin’s style in Season 4. In this excellent Funko Pop depiction, he;s sporting his Thinking Cap, a funky shirt, and his Hellfire Club sweatshirt!

Get it here: Thinking Cap Dustin Funko Pop, £15.00, Menkind

2) LED Alphabet Fairy Lights Cushion

Joyce’s infamous alphabet-and-fairy-light construction actually makes for a very comfortable cushion! Toss it onto your sofa or bed and lounge in style. Best of all, it has LEDs inside, so it actually lights up!

Get it here: LED Alphabet Fairy Light Cushion, £25.00, Menkind.

3) Stranger Things LEGO set

Stranger Things Upside Down LEGO Set

Bring a slice of Hawkins into your home with this incredible 2287-piece LEGO set! With this unique build, you get Will’s house in both our dimension and the upside-down. It comes with Hopper’s police car, along with Minifigures of all the main characters!

Get it here: Stranger Things LEGO, £388.54, Amazon

4) Scoops Ahoy Steve Funko Pop

Scoops Ahoy Steve Funko Pop

Steve is definitely one of our favourite characters in the series, and we loved his season three summer job; serving ice cream at Scoops Ahoy! Perfectly capturing his sailor outfit, why not add this Funko Pop to your collection?

Get it here: Scoops Ahoy Steve Funko Pop, £21.07, Amazon

5) Stranger Things VHS Notebook

Make notes or doodle away happily in this handy A5 notebook, which has all your favourite characters on the cover. Perfect for work, home or school! The pages are lined to help keep things neat and tidy.

Get it here: Stranger Things VHS Notebook, £11.99, Amazon

6) Dustin and Lucas PEZ Dispensers

Love candy? These PEZ dispensers depict two lovable members of the gang – Dustin and Lucas – and they come with six refillable PEZ packs.

Get it here: Dustin and Lucas PEZ Dispensers, £12.99, Amazon

7) Stranger Things Mug

Stranger Things Gift Ideas - Mug

From your morning coffee to your goodnight hot chocolate, you can remind yourself of your favourite show around the clock with this awesome Stranger Things mug! Don’t worry – it’s dishwasher and microwave safe.

Get it here: Stranger Things Mug, £6.99, Amazon

8) Barb Funko Pop

Stranger Things Barb Funko Pop

After season one aired, Barb came an overnight internet sensation, with fans posting their devastation for the reserved bookish redhead’s vanishing. Well, you can keep her permanently in-sight with this Funko Pop!

Get it here: Barb Funko Pop, £15.29, Amazon

9) Should I Stay Or Should Eggo Hoody

Should I Stay Or Should Eggo Hoody

Embrace Eleven’s love of Eggos with this cool grey Should I Stay Or Should Eggo Hoody! It comes in kid and adult sizes, from 7 years to XXL.

Get it here: Should I Stay Or Should Eggo Hoody, from £13.90, Amazon

10) Starcourt Eleven Action Figure

Stranger Things Gift Ideas - Eleven Action Figure

I dump your ass! Invite Eleven into your home in her funky Starcourt shopping spree outfit with this awesome retro-styled action figure, which has a ton of articulation, and comes with cool accessories.

Get it here: Starcourt Eleven Action Figure, £33.99, Amazon

That concludes our list of Stranger Things gift ideas! For more TV and film gifting guides, check out our Gift Ideas section.

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