The 10 Bestselling Young Adult Book Series

Perfect for teenage readers (and often adored by older book lovers, too), young adult fiction is an ever growing genre, and has spawned some incredible series. But which books have sold the most copies? Here are the 10 bestselling young adult book series… 

10) Fear Street by R. L. Stine

Aimed at a slightly older audience to his Goosebumps series, Fear Street is an anthology series, focusing on different characters who find themselves in terrifying or suspenseful situations. It has recently inspired a Netflix trilogy. 

Get the first book here: Fear Street: The Beginning, Amazon

Publication years: 1989 – present

Installments: 114

Copies sold: 80 million

9) Discworld by Terry Pratchett

Discworld is a flat planet that rests on the back of four elephants, who are standing on the back of a turtle. Terry Pracett’s fantasy novels – all set in Discworld – each follow the different adventures of various characters. The series started in 1989 with the Colour of Magic, and ended with the Shepherd’s Crown in 2015. 

Get the first book here: The Colour of Magic, Amazon

Publication years: 1989 – 2015

Installments: 114

Copies sold: 90 million

8) A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series started in 1996 with A Game of Thrones, and there have been 4 installments since, with a further 2 planned by the author. The series follows the people of Westeros and their endless conquests to claim the Iron Throne – all whilst fending off the invading army of White Walkers. 

Get the first book here: A Game of Thrones, Amazon

Publication years: 1996 – present

Installments: 5 (so far)

Copies sold: 90 million 

7) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 

This YA series is set in a future after America has fallen apart and has been reformed into 13 districts. Every year, each district must offer two citizens to the Hunger Games – a battle royale with only one survivor. The series follows Katniss Everdeen; a gifted archer who wants to break the system. 

Get the first book here: The Hunger Games, Amazon

Publication years: 2008-present

Installments: 3 + a prequel

Copies sold: 100 million 

6) Star Wars by Various Authors

There have been hundreds of novelisations and spin off books from that galaxy far, far away – exploring every character’s past and every movie-mentioned planet or civilisation. Added together, these Star Wars books have sold in impressive volume! 

Get the first book here: A New Hope, Amazon

Publication years: 

Installments: 300+

Copies sold: 160 million 

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5) Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

This romance series sees Bella Swan, a young girl who moves to a new town, fall in love with Edward Cullin. The only issue is, he’s a vampire and so are his family – and they’re at war with a family of werewolves – including Jacob, who also becomes caught up romantically with Bella. 

Get the first book here: Twilight, Amazon

Publication years: 2005-2020

Installments: 4 + Companion

Copies sold: 160 million 

4) The Baby-Sitters Club by Ann Martin

Following a club of teenage girls who – among babysitting kids as the title suggests – deal with a bunch of different issues, including boys, family troubles, and they even solve the odd mystery! 

Get the first book here: Kristy’s Great Idea, Amazon

Publication years: 1986 – 2000

Installments: 335

Copies sold: 172 million 

3) Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene

Never afraid to take on a mystery, Nancy Drew is a brilliant young detective who always gets to the bottom of any case she undertakes. The character has appeared in stories for over 90 years, and has sold a whole lot of copies! 

Get some of the stories here: Nancy Drew Files, Amazon

Publication years: 1930 – present

Installments: 175

Copies sold: 200 million

2) Sweet Valley High by Francine Pascal

Following the lives of identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, this soap-opera-styled series explores their relationships and friendships at Sweet Valley High. 

Get an early book here: Sweet Valley High: Secrets, Amazon

Publication years: 1983 – 2003

Installments: 400

Copies sold: 250 million

1) Harry Potter by JK Rowling 

Undoubtedly suitable for all ages, this series follows an orphaned boy, raised as a muggle, as he learns about his true magical parentage, and is plunged into the wizarding world where both wonder and danger awaits! 

Get the first book here: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Amazon

Publication years: 1997 – 2007 

Installments: 7

Copies sold: 500 million 

There you have it – the 10 bestselling young adult book series!