The 11 Highest Grossing Liam Neeson Movies

Liam Neeson highest grossing movies

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Liam Neeson has been thrilling us for decades on the silver screen. But of all his movies, which have scored the biggest at the worldwide box office? We’ve pulled together the highest grossing Liam Neeson movies, adjusted for inflation! We’re only including live action roles, so his vocal performances in the LEGO Movie and Narnia movies haven’t been included. 

11) Gangs of New York

Neeson played ‘Priest’ Vallon – leader of the Dead Rabbits; a gang of Catholic immigrants – in this bloody 1800s epic from Martin Scorcese. His gang wars with that of Protestant Bill the Butcher Cutting (played by Daniel Day-Lewis). 

Worldwide box office in 2002: $183,124,621

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $267,361,947

10) Taken

Taken sees Neeson playing Brian Mills; a protective father who opposes when his teen daughter decides to travel to France with her friend. However, his ex wife convinces him to let her go, and they have a great holiday. Only joking – they get kidnapped by a gang of sex traffickers, and Brian has to must out his ex-special-services skills, and call in some favours from his old intelligence buddies to get his daughter back. 

Worldwide box office in 2008: $226,941,585

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $276,868,734

9) Wrath of the Titans 

Neeson slipped back into his role as Zeus in the sequel to 2010’s Clash of the Titans. All is not well on Mount Olympus and, after being betrayed by Ares and Hades, Zeus is captured by the Titans, leading to a daring rescue by Perseus (Sam Worthington). 

Worldwide box office in 2012: $305,270,083

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $351,060,595

Liam Neeson as Daniel in Love Actually
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8) Love Actually

Regarded by some to be one of the best Christmas movies ever made, Richard Curtis’ Love Actually follows a host of different characters and their over-lapping stories about love! Liam Neeson plays Daniel; a recently widowed man who is trying his best to raise his stepson, Sam. When Sam reveals he has an enormous crush on a girl at school, Daniel tries to help him win the girl.  

Worldwide box office in 2003: $246,821,053

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $352,954,106

7) Battleship 

A big-budget adaptation of the popular strategic guessing game, Battleship sees a fleet of international battleships go head to head with alien crafts from Planet-G who have arrived on earth to squander our resources. Neeson plays Admiral Terrance Shane. 

Worldwide box office in 2012: $313,477,717

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $360,499,375

6) Taken 3

The third and final outing in the Taken trilogy sees Brian Mills framed for the murder of his ex wife, Lenore. With detective Frank Dotzler (Forest Wittaker) hunting him down, Brian must call on the help of his former special forces buddies to kick bad-guy-ass and clear his name. 

Worldwide box office in 2015: $327,656,424

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $363,698,631

5) Taken 2

Number 5 in the list of highest grossing Liam Neeson movies is the sequel to 2008’s trigger-happy Taken. We re-join Brian as he’s in Istanbul, finishing up a security job, when his wife and daughter appear to surprise him. But what they don’t realise is that the leader of the Albanian mafia (and the father of one of Brian’s most brutally-terminated victims from the first installment), has arrived in Istanbul for revenge. 

Worldwide box office in 2012: $377,807,404

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $434,478,515

Highest Grossing Liam Neeson Movies
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4) Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan gave Batman a dark and gritty reboot with Batman Begins – the first installment in his Dark Knight trilogy. Neeson appeared as leader of the League of Shadow Ra’s Al Guul, who initially trains Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) in combat before finding himself pitted against the feisty billionaire. 

Worldwide box office in 2005: $359,004,502

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $484,656,078

3) Schindler’s List

Neeson is perhaps best known for his performance in Spielberg’s 2021 World War II Oscar-winner, Schindler’s List. He scored himself a nomination for Best Actor in the Academy Awards for his portrayal of Oskar Schinder – the Polish factory owner who saved over a thousand jews from concentration camps by putting them to work in his factories. 

Worldwide box office in 1993: $322,197,132

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $586,398,780

2) Clash of the Titans

Liam Neeson played Zeus, the god of war, in this myth-tastic epic from 2010. When Hades, the god of the underworld, threatens to unleash the Kraken on the Earth to destroy the planet, Zeus’ son Perseus must stop him. 

Worldwide box office in 2010: $493,214,888

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $596,790,014

1) Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 

Perhaps one of Neeson’s most celebrated roles is that of jedi knight Qui-Gon Jinn in 1999’s The Phantom Menace – the first installment in George Lucas’ prequel trilogy. The adventure starts when Qui-Gon and his apprentice, Obi Wan, are sent to negotiate with the Trade Federation after they set up a blockade around the planet of Naboo. The jedi knights certainly don’t bank on rescuing princesses, freeing slaves, and battling evil sith lords. 

Worldwide box office in 1999: $1,027,044,677

Adjusted for inflation in 2021: $1,622,730,590

There you have it – the 11 highest grossing Liam Neeson movies!