The 9 Bestselling Grown Up Book Series

The best selling adult book series

If you’re a sucker for sequels, then you’ve probably sunk your teeth into a few different book series in your time. But which book series have sold the most copies? Here are the 9 bestselling grown up book series. 

9) Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa

An epic story made up of 7 books, Musashi follows legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi as he travels around Japan – teaching the art of the sword to youngsters, and challenging samurais to duels along the way. 

Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa

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Publication years: 1935 – 1939

Installments: 7

Copies sold: 120 million 

8) Dirk Pitt by Clive Cussler

An army major, Dirk Pitt takes the lead role in a series of daring adventure thrillers. Raise the Titanic is perhaps the most notable work in the series, with a hit 1980 movie adaptation.  

Pacific Vortex by Clive Cussler

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Publication years: 1973 – present

Installments: 24

Copies sold: 120 million

7) Fifty Shades by E. L. James

Starting off as online fan fiction for Twilight, E. L. James’ writing quickly clocked up a huge following, and it wasn’t long before she’d adapted her lusty fiction into her own plot, with her own characters. The Fifty Shades trilogy was born. 

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Publication years: 2011 – 2015

Installments: 3

Copies sold: 150 million

6) Star Wars by Various Authors

Hundreds of novelisations and spin offs have come from that galaxy far, far away – exploring every character’s back story, every mentioned planet, every mentioned battle. You name it, and there’s probably a Star Wars novel all about it. 

Star Wars A New Hope by George Lucas

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Publication Years: 1977 – present

Installments: 300+

Copies sold: 160 million 

5) Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike, Stephanie Meyer’s vampire romance story launched into the stratosphere. They focus on new-to-town Bella Swan, who wastes no time falling for fellow student Edward Cullins. The only issue is that he – and his family – are vampires! Add a werewolf into a love triangle, and you’ve got a recipe for a bestselling series.  

Get the first book: Twilight, Amazon

Publication years: 2005 – 2020

Installments: 4 + a companion novel

Copies sold: 160 million

4) Robert Langdon by Dan Brown 

Starting with Angels and Demons and ending with Origin, symbologist Robert Langdon finds himself wrapped up in all kinds of dangerous mysteries in Dan Brown’s thrilling series. The adventures are usually rooted in history, architecture and ancient, secretive groups. 

Get the first book: Angels and Demons, Amazon

Publication years: 2000 – present

Installments: 5

Copies sold: 200 million

3) San-Antonio by Frédéric Dard

Essentially the French version of James Bond, Detective Superintendent Antoine San-Antonio works for the French Secret Service, and goes on various adventures; completing missions. 

Publication years: 1949 – 2001

Installments: 173

Copies sold: 200 million

2) Perry Mason by Erle Stanley Gardner

In the bestselling series that inspired the popular TV show, we see Perry Mason at work. He’s a criminal defense liar who uses his perceptive detective skills to weedle out the true killer in each story. 

Get the first book: The Case of the Velvet Claws, Amazon

Publication years: 1933 – 1973

Installments: 82 + 4 short stories

Copies sold: 300 million 

1) Harry Potter by JK Rowling 

Enjoyed by all age groups, this series follows an orphaned boy, raised as a muggle, as he learns about his true magical parentage, and is plunged into the wizarding world where both wonder and danger awaits!

Get the first book here: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Amazon

Publication years: 1997 – present 

Installments: 7

Copies sold: 500 million 

There you have it – the 9 bestselling grown up book series.