The Goonies Quiz: How well do you remember the 1985 adventure film?

The Goonies quiz

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The ultimate kids adventure movie, The Goonies hit cinemas in 1985, and it’s been thrilling families ever since. If you’re anything like us here at Geek Soup, you’ve watched it too many times to count! But how well do you remember the film?

To sort the fans from the novices, we’ve put together an ultimate The Goonies Quiz. 

Let’s see how you do! 

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The Goonies Quiz

The Goonies

How well do you know this 1985 classic?

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Where do the Goonies get their name?

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If the family homes are torn down, what is going to be built in their place?

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Who did the treasure map the Goonies find belong to?

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Brand is watching a music video of which female singer?

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What chocolate bar does Chunk give to Sloth?

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What is the name of the pirate ship at the end of the movie?

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What’s the surname of the criminal family in the film?

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Which character wears a Superman shirt?

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What’s the motto of The Goonies?

How did you do? 

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