The Grand Tour Presents Lochdown: Trailer and More

The Grand Tour: Lochdown


An exciting adventure across Russia. That’s what the producers had had in mind for the next Grand Tour special. However, the coronavirus quickly put a stop to that, and forced the feature-length episode to be filmed a little closer to home! 

The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown sees James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond heading north to explore and compete in challenges across the beautiful Scottish countryscape. 

It will be arriving on Amazon Prime Video on July 30th. Check out the trailer below!

Grand Tour: Lochdown Trailer 

This is The Grand Tour’s third standalone special, following the announcement that the show was breaking away from the tent / live audience format to focus on feature-length specials after concluding its third series. 

The first standalone feature-length episode, Seamen, hit Amazon Prime in December 2019. The second, A Massive Hunt, landed a year later in December 2020. Lochdown, then, seems to have arrived a little early, and we’re not sure whether we’ll see a Christmas time release in addition this year. 

Filming during the peak of the lockdown, the production had to make sure the crew were staying safe, and ended up clocking up a whopping £50,000 bill on Covid-19 tests. 

How long is The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown? 

We can’t see an official runtime yet, but judging by the fact that the previous two specials – Seamen and A Massive Hunt – clocked in at the 90-minute mark, it’s highly likely that Lochdown will follow suit. 

What cars are May, Clarkson and Hammond driving in Lochdown? 

So which cars will the lads be competing in? Well, 1970s cars from American TV shows that they loved watching as youngsters, of course! 

Clarkson appears to have gone for a Lincoln Continental Mark V, May is behind the wheel of a Cadillac Coupe de Ville, and Hammond is driving a Buick Riviera. 

Will there be a Grand Tour season 4? 

At the end of the third season, the guys announced that they were ditching the live audience format to focus on feature-length specials. So whilst we expect to see a great deal more 90-minute specials, which will likely be released annually, we don’t expect to see another run of shorter weekly episodes. 

Clarkson’s Farm: A hard act to follow 

Jeremy Clarkson has enjoyed enormous praise for Clarkson’s Farm, which landed on Amazon Prime Video earlier in 2021. The series focuses on – well – Clarkson’s farm. 

The Grand Tour presenter has owned an enormous mass of farmland for over a decade and until very recently, it had been farmed by a local man from the village. But when the farmer announced his retirement, Clarkson decided to give it a go himself. 

With the help of young farmer Kaleb Cooper, who has become an overnight star due to the success of the show, Clarkson sets about running the farm. From planting and maintaining crops, to raising sheep and birthing lambs, to opening a farm shop. 

There has been a huge outcry for a second season and we here at Geek Soup couldn’t agree more – we need to see more Kaleb! Even if he has his own series of shorts, along the lines of Debunking Borat. 

More Amazon Prime shows from Hammond and May

Clarkson isn’t the only Grand Tour presenter to have his own standalone Amazon series:

Richard Hammond starred in The Great Escapists alongside Mythbuster’s Tory Belleci. Arriving on Amazon Prime in January 2021, it saw the pair – who are supposedly stuck on a desert island – build machinery out of shipwrecked scrap.

James May explored Japan in the aptly titled James May: Our Man in Japan. No stranger to cooking thanks to his regular appearances on the Youtube channel of Foodtribe (a website owned by the trio), May has landed his own cookery show on Amazon Prime too. Oh Cook! hit the streaming giant in November 2020. 

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